Friday, July 23, 2010

Does Air Alert cause knee problems?

No it does not. Air Alert is actually safe for athletes to use and actually supports the knee joints. The knee, itself cannot actually be strengthened; it can only be supported. It is a joint that allows for flexion and mobility. The knee is supported by ligaments, tendons and muscles that surround it. Typically, knee injury occurs as a result of traumatic injury or sudden movements that strain the knee beyond its normal range of movement. The knee is not generally designed to accept side stresses such as when cutting from left to right and sudden stresses of this nature can cause acute injuries.

The Air Alert exercises and the program are safe for a variety of reasons. One, each exercise follows the actual motion of the knee joint. The exercises all involve the normal bending of the knee and there are no side stressing or hyperextension jumps involved whatsoever.

Two, the Air Alert program is a very progressively planned program. The program starts off with low reps to get your legs and knees accustomed to the movements. Each week the repetitions increase and your lower body is better able to acclimate to the routine. There are no sudden movements by following the program as defined. We do not recommend skipping weeks for this reason. Jumping from week 1 to week 5 is too sudden and can overwork your legs.

Three, the Air Alert program is all natural body weight training. There are no weights required. Your legs and the ligaments and tendons simply undergo the normal stress of your body weight. Adding weight to your body will cause sudden stress and may cause injuries.

Four, the Air Alert program totally strengthens the thighs, buttocks, hamstrings and calves. These muscles become stronger each and every week and support the knee and provide additional tension on the ligaments and tendons thus supporting the knee and making it able to withstand more stress.

Since we revised Air Alert and developed Version IV, we have not received 1 complaint from one customer that has actually purchased and used Air Alert correctly. The criticisms you hear are simply from our competitors trying to overtake the program's effectiveness and popularity.

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